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Here’s what happens during the training to become a Biblical Parenting Coach.

Scott Turansky

Dr. Scott Turansky

In short, you will participate in miracles in the lives of families. That’s the best way that I can put it. (You’ll want to read the two testimonies below from coaches who have gone through the training.) I enjoy helping parents experience God’s grace by bringing major changes in a child’s heart and behavior. It’s truly amazing. I often feel like the disciples must have felt when they had a front row seat in the feeding of the 5000. But they weren’t just watching. They got to participate as well, just as you will in this program.

Here’s what’s involved. There are no set times that we meet each week. I give weekly assignments and on our own schedules we report in about the clients we’re working with each week. This gives you flexibility to fit the training into your schedule. Some check the online portal to report and read others’ comments several times a day. Others go on three or four times a week. Some go on in the morning, others in the evening. We are all in different time zones. Often there are coaches in training from other countries giving an interesting perspective on family life in various cultures. It’s so amazing to see how God’s truths are relevant everywhere.

You’ll need to work with a parent during the training. I’d encourage you to post the need for a volunteer on Facebook and to your friends. You’ll likely have several volunteers. For the purpose of this training it would be best to have a parent of a child between the ages of 4 and 14, one who has some kind of challenge. We work with all kinds of problems including anger issues, disrespect, ADHD challenges, anxiety, defiance and a host of any other problems. If you want to see a miracle take place, don’t be afraid to take on a big challenge.

Parenting is Heart WorkOne coach in training posted on Facebook an image of our Parenting is Heart Work book (just drag this image to your desktop and use it) with this comment, “Here’s one of the textbooks in the Parent Coach training I’m starting in a couple of weeks. I need a volunteer parent to work with who wants help with a child. Is anyone interested?” As you might imagine, she received several responses. If you can’t find a parent I will provide one for you that you can work with over the phone. I have parents waiting in line for this opportunity. Just let me know.

You can download a PDF to give to parents so that they know what to expect as well. (Click on the image to download the full size PDF.)

You will have your own room in the online portal where we’ll discuss your parent and child and report successes and challenges. You’ll meet with your parent at least once a week and then report to the rest of the coaches in training. You’ll receive advice from me and others in the training.

Each week we will systematically go through the heart, providing practical exercises for the parent that will train the child in several areas. We start with the “Getting Things Done” department of a person’s life where kids develop obligation, cooperation, responsiveness to authority, initiative, responsibility, diligence, thoroughness, and perseverance.

Next we move into the “Off Track/On Track” area of the heart where every child needs a plan to deal with offenses, mistakes, anger, meanness, and just being distracted and not focusing on the task at hand. In this section children learn humility, how to receive correction, and how to think about life when they are off track. The child learns to identify when they are off track and develop specific solutions to get back on track.

Then we move into “Accepting No as an Answer,” an essential life skill for anyone at any age. In this area of the heart children learn contentment, gratefulness, and the ability to stay within limits instead of badgering, complaining, and manipulating.

The training continues by focusing on emotions specifically and also addressing strongholds that a child might have. Children learn to think and act differently about the internal challenges they face. We round out the eight weeks by helping children develop internal motivation to manage themselves instead of relying so heavily on Mom or Dad. As you might image, that means that parents parent differently and are eager to develop the new strategies.

Biblical Parenting Coaching Program

This program uses seven buckets of strategies. It’s modeled after the way that God parents us as our Father. We share Bible stories with parents to read and explain to their children and young people that further the spiritual training necessary for success in a child’s life. The program is focused on developing the life skills needed for the future, not simply getting rid of current problems.

You’ll also read four textbooks during the training. The books will be sent to you as part of your tuition if you are in the USA. For those outside the US we will arrange for eBook versions for you. Each week you’ll have a hypothetical case question to respond to based on the reading assignments.

At some point during the training I may also meet with your coaching client while you listen to maximize your learning.

The training usually takes between 5-10 hours a week when you count the reading assignments. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to reach out to me. It might be good for us to have a conversation together about the program to see if it’s a good fit for you. I want to make sure your expectations align with what we’re going to do. It’s a lot of work but it’s so enriching and powerful.

I will “turn the lights on” in the program a week early so that coaches can introduce themselves to each other and you can learn how to navigate the online portal. I want to make sure that you can manage the technical side before we actually begin working with clients. If you have any challenges along the way in any area of this program, I’ll be right here to support you. That support starts now by making sure you understand what you’re getting in to. So, talk to me if you have questions.

Here are two testimonies of coaches that have gone through the training:

Cheryl Dickerson trained in the Spring of 2021

Biblical Parenting Coaching Program. I started this course with trepidation. I had been thinking about it and wanting to try it out for months. However, questions about the program and my ability flooded my mind and worried my heart. Was it going to be as good as it sounded? Would the techniques and tools really help parents and children to the degree that was claimed? Could I learn it all and then be used to help families? Would I actually put myself out there and connect with parents and children to make a difference?

I soon learned that it was going to be a considerable investment of time and effort and heart. This was not a quick and easy fix for families or for me. It was a new way of thinking, feeling, believing, speaking, acting. A dramatic lifestyle change that took place in small steps…which turned out to be manageable. Week by week, a new concept was added to learn and practice. I was given many supportive resources for me as a coach and for the parents to work on with their children – from videos to worksheets to personal coaching from Dr. Turansky. I witnessed great progress in the family I was coaching during the 8 weeks of class. As the parents implemented the techniques and strategies, it made a difference. Their child became less demanding and more cooperative, learned how to follow instructions without being nagged by the parents, showed more patience with the younger siblings, demonstrated a better attitude when interrupted, and more.

There is still more work for them to do. Life is a continual process, and every day presents new opportunities to learn and develop the character. But that is no longer an overwhelming thought. They have hope because of all the progress they have witnessed. And hope allows them to keep going.

I highly recommend this program to anyone. It is worth any investment to bring relief to hearts. I believe that God can utilize anyone who makes themselves available. He can supply the courage, wisdom, grace, and understanding that is needed. He wants to use people to reach other people with hope that family life can be good and rewarding. So, let’s let Him bust the myths and misconceptions and unhelpful cycles of reward and punishment and behavior modification through our hands and feet and hearts!

A new family waits for me to start the program as I type this. And I have heard so many say, “I don’t know what else to do with my kids!” Well, I know what they can do. I know this program can and will bring relief to countless families. God will bless as I reach out to them.

Jamie Coyne trained in the Winter of 2017

In previous, personal research and readings, I have always been drawn to heart based approaches.  I appreciated those authors and their research, their writings and inspiration for parents.  However, I felt this course added the bonus of solid strategies and techniques which supported the heart focus.  For me, this is the information I have been seeking as a parent…a Christian book focused on the heart of family relationships with practical tips, suggestions, tools and techniques.  I’m thrilled that I can use this material personally as our children are still young to implement this over the majority of their childhood.

The family I worked with saw much growth and change.  The Mom that I coached is a dear friend, whom I have admired for over 13 years.  She has always had a heart-based approach.  She has been very impressed with this program and has felt encouraged by the techniques and strategies she has learned to help her reach her daughter(s) heart(s)!  What’s beautiful, to me, is the way this program has impacted their family.  Different circumstances within this family, which have occurred over the past 3 years, have affected the relationships.  Mom is realizing the impact in which this program is having between her daughter and herself.  What’s more beautiful is how this program is prompting this family to heal.

One of the best parts of the program for me is the true Biblical approach.  Much of the work is prayer and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead, work and guide each member of the family.  I have found this approach to be flexible, gracious, understanding, child-focused, parent-changing and family-impacting.  Of all the parenting books I’ve read (and it’s a substantial amount), this will now be the program/book(s) I recommend to friends, families and potential clients I work with in future roles as a Family Life Educator.

Jamie, working with a 7 year old adopted girl who tends to see things negatively most of the time.

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