Thriving Kids Connection is a community of parents and Biblical Parenting Coaches who share a Godly vision for equipping kids to thrive and developing missional families. New and experienced parents gather together with trained coaches to talk about WHAT changes need to take place and then most importantly, HOW to implement them. Our goal is to help children thrive in an ever changing and complicated world.

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As parents we only have a short season to lead our children in the way they should go and there is no time to mess around. The most important job we have is called Parenting! We must have a plan and be very intentional about our approach. Raising children to have a heart for Jesus is serious business; it takes a community of parents and coaches to help our kids thrive in this upside down world! I like TKC because it’s a place for me to interact with like minded Moms and Dads who desire to train their children to be filled with Biblical Truths.


TKC has become a safe place for me to share my parenting challenges and within a day or two Dr. Turansky and others help me come up with strategies to address the problem. When I have something in my life going on and need prayer, there is someone who will pray for me and encourage me with scripture. There is training material and tools to help me grow as a Mom and activity ideas that I can do with the kids. It’s amazing!


I’m a parent coach trained by Dr. Turansky and it’s been an honor and privilege to encourage Moms and Dads on TKC. It’s my desire to connect with parents and coaches on TKC, share my experiences, and give hope to all. I’m committed to participate in this online community and share what God is doing in my family. I check in daily to meet with others and I would love to interact with you. I’d be honored to be part of your journey and watch your family story unfold.  — Lisa Brown, Biblical Parenting Coach

At the Concordia Center for the Family we recommend the National Center for Biblical Parenting as our top go to for parenting strategy. Their biblical, practical advice is unmatched by anything else I’ve seen out there.Dr. Ben Freudenburg, Director, Concordia Center for the Family

One of the best parts of the program for me is the True Biblical approach.  Much of the work is prayer and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead, work and guide each member of the family.  I have found this approach to be flexible, gracious, understanding, child-focused, parent-changing and family-impacting. — Jamie, Biblical Parenting Coach

The biggest change in my own heart is that I now have HOPE. Because I have  hopefor the future, every challenge or difficult situation doesn’t seem life-ending. Instead, I look at challenges as another opportunity to teach, coach, and vision. I’m not overwhelmed and don’t feel like I need to yell. I know what to do, and if everything else fails, we all take a Break.Mom of  an 8 ½ year old daughter.

I learned that I desperately needed a whole new set of strategies for parenting. My methods for parenting weren’t working and my relationship with my daughter was strained.Father of an 8 year old daughter

Our 17 year old ran away from home. We were in a crisis. The tools of the National Center for Biblical Parenting brought amazing change quickly. We combined firmness, relationship, and visioning conversations in a way that really touched our son’s heart. We are so pleased. We have more work to do, but we now have the tools to do it. — Wesley, father of six