Here are some things parents and coaches are saying about a heart-based approach to parenting.



Biblical parenting is like removing the training wheels off a child’s bike and letting them steer a little bit while we gently guide beside them. Real parenting is in involvement in the details of daily life. These biblical parenting principles can be applied to marriage too! Mom, eager to strengthen family life


Before we started using these principles our 10 year old son would complain and be disrespectful, often stomping his feet and acting out. When he did follow instruction he did so begrudgingly. Now things are amazingly different .if I could go back to week 1 and tell myself all these changes I would see, I would not believe it.– Mom of a 10 yo who is now on the right track


Before my wife and I applied these biblical parenting principles in our home I felt seriously unequipped to deal with the behavior issues that we were experiencing with our oldest son who is nine years old. After years of dysfunction, I had basically given up and I felt pretty hopeless about how to turn things around. Now, I can honestly say that I am so very grateful God led us to Scott and his parenting program when we needed it most. As a result of putting into practice what we have learned, we have experienced significant change and hope for the first time with our son. I really can’t recommend the National Center for Biblical Parenting enough!” – Jon, a now encouraged dad


I’m no longer drained of energy at the end of the day. I have confidence that when I don’t know what to do, I can find an answer or develop a plan. I had gotten into a habit of just being frustrated, but practicing the Positive Conclusion has helped me move away from that kind of thinking. I am hopeful. My daughter is more intentional about responding to the needs of others, particularly to me and her siblings’ needs. She is quicker to recognize when she is being bossy with her siblings, and such situations are becoming more infrequent. Previously when my daughter and younger sister were in the same room, problems almost always came up. Now when they are together, my older daughter is more attentive to her younger sister’s needs, and the problems that were present before have for the most part disappeared.


Also, our daughter hasn’t had any anger episodes for three weeks now! She seems to have had major success in this area. I feel like my daughter has overcome the habit of being quick to get angry. We’ve gone from maybe up to 20 anger episodes a day to going days without one episode! – Mother of a 10 year old daughter


To say this is a miracle would be a poor description of what this material has developed for us. This is a life-changer. It was great to watch change happen with the others in this group and their families. I am amazed at what was accomplished in such a short period of time. What a blessing you all have been to them, and to me. —Mom of a 16 year old


Our son has Down Syndrome and has made some big strides during this time! Not only has the behavior we were focusing on dismissed a little, he has taken a huge step up in responsibility! He now listens with his teacher’s directions, leaves his toys at home instead of sneaking them into school, and even remembered and got ready for swim practice all by himself (and without prompting)! He is starting to put together that he can change his heart and emotions for the better! One of the big things I took away from this program is an intentionality behind everything we do with children. It is quite critical that we don’t just fly by the seats of our pants and hope we accidentally raise kids with character. There are so many things that we can use to help us along the way and raise kids that have pure hearts and love Jesus. When we take the time to have an action plan that is drenched in Scripture and prayer, God is able to work more completely in our lives and our children’s lives. — Mom of a 10 year old with Down Syndrome