How to Address Anxiety in Children and Young People

Scott Turansky

Dr. Scott Turansky

Anxiety is challenging for anyone, and children and young people need solutions to help them address it. Too often children are faced with pressures that exceed their developmental abilities. They need training, comfort, and care. The current challenges they are experiencing can provide them with opportunities to develop life-long solutions. Everyone must have a plan for addressing anxiety, worry, and fear in their lives.

Below is a webinar that contains about 50 minutes of teaching regarding anxiety in children and young people followed by questions and answer. You will learn a lot by watching it.

First, he provides several tips for Anxiety First Aid in order to address episodes of anxiety in a child on the spot. Then he goes deeper, examining Anxiety Wellness using a heart-based approach. He shares several ways to help children develop the life-skills necessary to cope with anxiety for the rest of their lives. The question and answer time provides even more practical application to specific situations.

The links below the video allow you to download the slides and the Anxiety First Aid Infographic. Also, note the blog posts that contain additional insight for addressing anxiety in children. A 5-Part Series on Helping Children and Young People Deal with Anxiety walks your through practical steps.

Several other articles break down practical tools you can use to help your child deal with anxiety. Here’s the first one: Anxiety in Kids – Two Quick Solutions That Usually Don’t Work.

Anxiety is one of those challenges children face that make our hearts sad because we see that our child is not experiencing life in its fullest capacity. Learning more about anxiety and biblical tools for addressing it can provide you with the practical solutions your child needs.

On April 30, 2020 Dr Scott Turansky offered a live webinar, with an hour of teaching plus 30 minutes of Live Question and Answer. You can watch it now by clicking the link below.

Here are some additional tools that are referred to in the webinar  that you might find helpful.

Anxiety in Kids Slides The slide presentation provides the outline of Dr. Turansky’s presentation and contains many scriptures to guide your thinking as you develop solutions with your child. You might use this to identify scriptures that will help you engage in a Bible study with your child about anxiety. Also, keep in mind several Bible stories that involve anxiety like Moses being called by God who kept saying, “But what if…”




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Biblical Parenting Coaching Program

In the webinar Dr. Turansky referred to the Biblical Parenting Coaching program. If you are interested in becoming a coach or being coached you can learn more by visiting

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