Equipping Families Through Covid & Beyond – A series of online gatherings for church leaders – June 9th-30th

We are excited to announce that Dr Turansky will be kicking off this series of online events with a team of Family Ministry Experts during the month of June. This is a free series to equip church leaders to empower and equip families. You can use the information in this series immediately AND the benefits will carry well into the future.

Here is the schedule of the different events to encourage and build up Christian leaders, during this challenging time.

PLEASE NOTE: Go to www.EquipFamilies.net for info and to register. This is a zoom webinar and you’ll want to get the link in advance.



Does your church have a plan to equip parents and grandparents in their God-given mission to help their children follow God?

Join Jenna Hallock (Family Time Training) and Scott Turansky (National Center for Biblical Parenting) as they discuss essential ingredients for your church’s ministry to parents as well as key principles to help parents navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.



The COVID-19 crisis has brought unusual trauma into our families and churches. Each family will return from this challenging season with different experiences and perspectives.

Join Prof. Ben Freudenburg (Concordia Center for the Family) and Glenn Gritzon (Congregation Family Services) as they explore how we can lead our churches toward unity and help our families experience healing.



For church leaders it is all too common for us to neglect our own families while we are overwhelmed with caring for others.

Join Prof. Ben Freudenburg (Concordia Center for the Family) and Dr. Rob Rienow (Visionary Family Ministries) as they discuss essential principles and practices for family ministry, beginning in our own homes and then overflowing to our congregations.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created upheaval for our families, churches, and nations. It is a time when God is calling His people to re-examine their priorities.

Join Pastor Dr. Todd Biermann (Life in God’s Way) and Prof. Ben Freudenburg (Concordia Center for the Family) for a critical conversation on how we can help families establish their foundation on Christ and live out their faith with biblical priorities.

This is a vital time for families to follow Jesus and shine for Him in our world.



Many churches have a heart to help hurting marriages and families but don’t know where to start.

Join Prof. Ben Freudenburg (Concordia Center for the Family) and Dr. Rob Rienow (Visionary Family Ministries) as they discuss practical strategies for how your church can help families grow in worshipping God together at home, building stronger relationships with one another, and sharing the good news of Jesus in their neighborhoods.


God calls parents and grandparents to serve as the primary spiritual leaders for their children. Sadly, discipleship is often delegated to the church.

Join Jenna Hallock (Family Time Training) and Dr. Rob Rienow (Visionary Family Ministries) for a vital conversation on how your church can help parents and grandparents connect through Biblical discipleship with their children at home.

You will come away with specific approaches for helping families create engaging, fun, and meaningful time together in God’s Word, prayer, and worship.

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