An Easter Activity: Dealing with Anger

Written and Submitted by Esme Ng

What an interesting thought. Deal with anger at Easter time. After all, Jesus died to satisfy the justice, wrath, and holiness of God. And the resurrection is that victory celebration of his success. Esme Ng, our Christian psychologist created a fun activity for her children to raise the awareness level of anger management at Easter time. Here’s what she said.

In our home, we struggle with anger. We all get angry and don’t always respond appropriately. Since my work got me researching anger, I further developed a simple biblical study on anger for Easter to be executed as a fun family activity.

I have written this for my kids who are 3 years and almost 6. You can either scale the difficulty level up or down to match your kids’ ages. For older kids, you can coach them to prepare and execute the activity for their younger siblings.

There are numerous ways you can modify this tool to suit your needs. Here are some ideas:

• Do it outdoors.

• Make it more complex by getting kids to look up the Bible verses instead of printing it out on the ”clues.” You can even make it into a competition to see who can get to the reference quicker.

• The discussion questions inserted into the eggs can be cut up into a jigsaw puzzle which has to be assembled before proceeding.

• Add activities to the discussions (e.g. charades, role-playing, re-enacting Christ’s death and resurrection, sing songs)

Apart from learning better ways to manage anger, the objective of this hunt is to teach/reinforce the Gospel message that God’s anger ultimately drives us to the cross where we are met with grace. It is my prayer that our next generation will know the Word and not depart from it as we live in an angry, scary world. If not for the hope and confidence they will find in Christ, what will see them through?

To download the activity, click here. You will find discussion questions (and some sample answers in the notes) that I have prepared for my kids. You can edit them to fit the message you want to share with your kids.

May the risen Christ reign in your family!

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