You might use this handout this way. Show it to your child and encourage the young person to choose two things off the list that they believe they are doing well at and two things that need some work.


Don’t criticize their choices. Rather use that information as you interact during the week. Invariably kids identify different things than parents do. This will help you to clarify where changes are needed and influence what they believe about themselves.


For example, if your child believes that he does well with cleanliness but you believe otherwise, you might say the next morning, “Because you are strong in cleanliness, I know you’ll want to make sure you get your teeth brushed this morning.”


The benefit of a tool like this one is that it opens talking points between parents and young people. Heart issues then are more easily discussed. More of these handouts and discussion points are available once you’re inside Thriving Kids Connection. See you there soon!