The Power of Worship with Children

Posted on Oct 02

Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. —Psalm 8:2

Worship is a powerful spiritual exercise. It aligns the human heart with the heart of God. When children learn to worship, then they personalize their faith and their individual connection with God increases.

Psalm 8:2 further tells us that worship is a way to pass the faith on to the next generation. What is normal in our culture is changing fast and moving further and further away from God’s Word. The next generation needs strongholds, people who are willing to take a stand against the enemy.

Worship is one of the tools God uses to provide children with a connection to God and a foundation for life. Look for ways to practice worship at home by singing, listening to Christian music, and admiring God and his work in our world.

Come to church early to be ready to worship when that first song is sung. Be an example of worship to children and talk about the power worship has in your own heart.

Worship is bigger than just singing before a sermon on Sunday morning. It’s a life changing exercise.

Lord, I worship you now and praise you for your holiness, your love, your sovereignty and your grace. Please help me to be a daily worshiper, recognizing your handiwork around me today. Amen.

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